Design and delivery of workshops in organisation and community building.


Examples include 'strength based strategy development', 'collaborative project startup', 'learning cafes', 'collective retrospectives'.

I am working with methodologies like Art of Hosting, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, Open Space, U-theory.


Design and delivery of training and learning programs on various topics. 

Topics can include:

  • leadership

  • project management

  • collaboration

  • communication

  • coaching

  • participatory change 

Co-creating learning academies based on a 'by-the-people, for-the-people' principle. 


Supporting practices towards Deliberately Developmental Organisations (DDO), a developmental way of creating flourishing organisations.



Supporting change programs from a people's perspective. How can we get the people involved? How can we implement in a collaborative way? 

Kamamak is helping organisations in their collaborative change efforts, inviting key stakeholders to the conversation.

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